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Horse Rugs

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Shires Chest Expander
Simple to use, adds inches around the breast of a horse, particularly useful for very broad horses. ..
Ex VAT: £6.50
Shires Elastic Leg Straps
Adjustable elastic leg straps for greater comfort. Loop on one end and clip on the other. Sold in pa..
Ex VAT: £3.90
Shires EQUI-FLECTOR® Exercise Sheet
Ex VAT: £33.95
Shires Fleece Exercise Sheet
The wicking properties of fleece make this exercise sheet ideal for cooler weather exerc..
Ex VAT: £14.30
Shires Highlander Foal Rug
Specifically designed to fit foals, this rug features a ripstop 600 denier ShireTex® waterproof,..
Ex VAT: £26.65
Shires Highlander Original 100
For cooler but not cold nights or for hardy horses who need a bit of protectio..
Ex VAT: £45.50
Shires Highlander Original 100 Combo
Ex VAT: £55.58
Shires Highlander Original 100 Neck Cover
Convert the Highlander Original 100 to a combo with this matching neck cover which secures easi..
Ex VAT: £18.20
Shires Highlander Original 200
Keep turned out horses cosy, dry and free to move in the Highlander Original 200 rugs. Key features..
Ex VAT: £50.44
Shires Highlander Original Lite
Ex VAT: £43.29
Shires Highlander Original Lite Combo
For hardwearing comfort during rainy warmer days, the Highlander Lite rugs keep the horse dry withou..
Ex VAT: £47.80
Shires Highlander Performance Maxi-Flow Fly Rug
hires 2017 Edition Highlander Plus Waterproof Maxi-Flow Combo Fly Rug   The Performance M..
Ex VAT: £65.00
Shires Highlander Plus 350 Combo
Hardwearing comfort can be assured even in deep winter with this heavyweight Highlander Plus combo. ..
Ex VAT: £79.30
Shires StormCheeta 300 Combo
Trustworthy weatherproofing. StormCheeta rugs offer superior weatherproofing for turned out..
Ex VAT: £122.80
Shires Tempest 100 Stable Combo
A lightweight combo stable rug featuring 100g quilted fill, breathable 210 denier polyester outer, t..
Ex VAT: £39.52
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