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Stamina Feeds

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Allen & Page Power & Performance 20 kg
Power & Performance is our revolutionary, high energy competition feed, ideal for horses in hard..
Ex VAT: £12.89
Allen & Page Sustain 20 kg
A performance feed ideal for improving stamina in endurance horses, eventers, dressage horses, drivi..
Ex VAT: £13.80
Baileys No. 06 Endurance Mix 20 kg
Baileys No. 06 Endurance Mix is formulated to promote improved stamina in the endurance horse, it is..
Ex VAT: £15.00
Baileys No. 10 Racehorse Mix 20 kg
Baileys No. 10 Racehorse Mix, Racehorse Mix is a particularly palatable, energy dense mix formulated..
Ex VAT: £13.46
Baileys No. 11 Racehorse Cubes 20 kg
These high energy cubes are formulated as a lower starch alternative to Racehorse Mix and are the pr..
Ex VAT: £10.78
Baileys No. 12 Trotting Cubes 20 kg
SPECIAL ORDER: Allow 5 -10 working days Baileys No. 12 Trotting Cubes are specially formulated fo..
Ex VAT: £10.37
Cavalor Endurix
Endurix is a feed for competition horses that have to provide long distance performance, e.g. milita..
Ex VAT: £15.20
Cavalor Perfomix
Cavalor Perfomix, Perfomix is a balanced competition mix for active horses that is given in addition..
Ex VAT: £12.87
Dodson & Horrell Microfeed 20 kg
Dodson & Horrell Microfeed is one of the highest energy rations on the market. Microfeed has bee..
Ex VAT: £12.40
Saracen Enduro Performance 20 kg
Saracen Enduro-100 is a high oil, high fibre mix designed to meet the nutritional demands of horses ..
Ex VAT: £15.28
Saracen Equi Jewel Pellet 20 kg
Saracen Equi Jewel Pellet is a high fat, stabilised, rice bran supplement designed to increase the e..
Ex VAT: £40.83
Saracen Polo Pencils 20KG
Specifically formulated to provide the right combination of ingredients for optimum speed and stamin..
Ex VAT: £11.27
Saracen Sports Horse Mix 20kg
Saracen Sports Horse Mix is a suitable feed for both horses & ponies that are in light to medium..
Ex VAT: £13.09
Simple System Instant Linseed 20kg
Simple System Instant Linseed is made up of cooked full fat linseed that is ready to eat strai..
Ex VAT: £34.07
Spillers Racehorse Cubes 25 kg
Spillers Racehorse Cubes are suitable for horses in hard work. Contains high quality cereals and soy..
Ex VAT: £13.69
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