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Thunderbrook Base Mix 15kg
A concentrated balanced base feed. Ideal for all horses of all disciplines. Contains the essential a..
Ex VAT: £37.95
Allen & Page Herbal Quiet Mix 20 kg
Based on the Quiet Mix formulation with added alfalfa and carefully selected, premium grade herbs in..
Ex VAT: £12.73
Allen & Page L-Mix 15 kg
A high fibre, low starch feed for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. No added sugars or cereal. ..
Ex VAT: £12.44
Allen & Page Light Competition Mix 20 kg
.For horses in medium or hard work, such as eventing, dressage, showjumping and hunting. Allen &a..
Ex VAT: £13.29
Allen & Page Quiet Mix 20 kg
The original low energy muesli mix, with extra mint. A useful foundation feed that helps to avoid ex..
Ex VAT: £11.10
Allen & Page Stud & Youngstock Mix 20kg
Allen & Page Stud & Youngstock Mix is a high quality diet with elevated levels of micronutri..
Ex VAT: £15.53
Allen & Page Weight Gain Mix 20 kg
A highly palatable mix with no pellets. For horses who need to gain weight or those who tend to lose..
Ex VAT: £14.17
Badminton Classic Veteran Mix 20kg
Badminton Classic Veteran Mix is a highly palatable and digestible medium energy coarse mix, special..
Ex VAT: £10.50
Badminton Flaked Barley 20Kg
Flaked Barley is produced by the process of cooking This process makes the product more easily di..
Ex VAT: £7.29
Baileys Everyday High Fibre Mix 20 kg
High fibre, low energy mix. Ideal for horses and ponies at rest or in light work. Baileys Everyda..
Ex VAT: £10.58
Baileys No. 06 Endurance Mix 20 kg
Baileys No. 06 Endurance Mix is formulated to promote improved stamina in the endurance horse, it is..
Ex VAT: £15.00
Baileys No. 07 Stud Mix 20 kg
Baileys Stud Mix is the ideal all-round stud ration for pregnant and lactating broodmares, growing f..
Ex VAT: £13.23
Baileys No. 08 Meadow Sweet Mix with Turmeric 20 kg
Baileys Meadow Sweet with Turmeric contains TurmerAid. A uniquely healthy low starch feed. &nbs..
Ex VAT: £10.75
Baileys No. 09 All Round Competition Mix 20 kg
Baileys No. 09 All Round Competition Mix is a highly digestible, nutrient dense mix which provides a..
Ex VAT: £13.50
Baileys No. 10 Racehorse Mix 20 kg
Baileys No. 10 Racehorse Mix, Racehorse Mix is a particularly palatable, energy dense mix formulated..
Ex VAT: £13.46
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