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Allen & Page Quiet Cubes 20 kg
A good quality, cost effective maintenance feed, without 'fizz'. For horses that are not in ..
Ex VAT: £9.96
Baileys Everyday High Fibre Cube 20 kg
High fibre, low energy cubes. Ideal for horses and ponies at rest or in light work. Baileys Every..
Ex VAT: £9.72
Baileys Fibre Plus Nuggets 20 kg
Baileys Fibre Plus Nuggets are a highly palatable food great for your horse's digestive system w..
Ex VAT: £10.72
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Baileys Foal Creep Pellets 20 kg
Baileys Foal Creep Pellets are a highly digestible, milk-based feed, ideal for foals whose dam is no..
Ex VAT: £27.77
Baileys No. 03 Stud Cubes 20 kg
Because they are barley-free, stud Cubes are non-heating and a lower starch alternative to Stud Mix ..
Ex VAT: £11.10
Baileys No. 05 Yearling Cubes 20 kg
Baileys No. 05 Yearling Cubes, Yearling Cubes are particularly suitable for those youngstock being p..
Ex VAT: £11.57
Baileys No. 11 Racehorse Cubes 20 kg
These high energy cubes are formulated as a lower starch alternative to Racehorse Mix and are the pr..
Ex VAT: £10.78
Baileys No. 12 Trotting Cubes 20 kg
SPECIAL ORDER: Allow 5 -10 working days Baileys No. 12 Trotting Cubes are specially formulated fo..
Ex VAT: £10.37
Baileys No. 2 Working Cubes 20 kg
Baileys No.2 Working Cubes are a perfect “all round” high fibre, low energy feed, ideal ..
Ex VAT: £11.90
Baileys No.4 Top Line Conditioning Cubes 20 kg
Baileys No.4 Top Line Condition Cubes are barley-free and based on micronised wheat, the cubes are n..
Ex VAT: £12.99
Dengie Alfalfa Pellets 20kg
Made from 100% alfalfa which is cut at its most nutritious stage of growth and high temperature drie..
Ex VAT: £11.25
Dodson & Horrell Build Up Cubes 20 kg
Dodson & Horrell Build Up Cubes, Slow-release energy sources such as digestible fibre and oil ar..
Ex VAT: £11.37
Dodson & Horrell Champion Easy Horse Cubes 20 kg
Champion Easy Cubes are a high fibre, low energy quality horse and pony feed formulated for leisure ..
Ex VAT: £8.68
Dodson & Horrell Ebor Supreme 25 kg
Special Order Item Please note this item will be available within 5-10 working days after orderin..
Ex VAT: £14.25
Dodson & Horrell ERS Pellets 15kg
  ERS Pellets are a nutritionally balanced extruded pellet for horses in hard work or those ..
Ex VAT: £12.39
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