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Horse Treats

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Baileys Tasty Treats 5kg
No vitamins and minerals to affect your horse`s dietary balance High in fibre. Low in starch and ..
Ex VAT: £6.58
Baileys Tasty Treats 750 g
Baileys Tasty Treats are an easy and convenient reward for your horse or pony. Baileys Tasty Trea..
Ex VAT: £1.75
Battles Calm Munch 1kg
A relaxing reward to support calm behaviour New Calmmunch is a healthy, tasty, low calorie, low s..
Ex VAT: £3.63
Battles Flexi Munch 1kg
A fabulously flexible boost for joints.   New Fleximunch is a healthy, tasty, high-fibre,..
Ex VAT: £3.63
Cavalor Fruities 750g
Cavalor Sweeties & Fruities are delicious horse treats with forest fruit flavours. Ideal fo..
Ex VAT: £3.73
Cavalor Kiddies 150g
Cavalor Kiddies are a healthy tidbits to reward horses. With Thelwell cartoon packaging. ..
Ex VAT: £1.49
Cavalor Sweeties Original 500 g
Cavalor Sweeties Original Cavalor Sweeties Original is a yummy titbit flavoured with coconut to p..
Ex VAT: £2.52
Equerry Minty Horse Treats 1.8 kg
Equerry Minty Horse Treats combine the natural goodness of peppermint and spearmint Equerry Minty..
Ex VAT: £5.52
Global Herbs Apple Herbal Treats 3 kg
Global Herbs Apple Herbal Treats are healthy natural treats fro horses and ponies.   ..
Ex VAT: £6.04
Global Herbs Herbal Christmas Treats 3kg
  The Global Herbs Christmas Pudding Flavour Herbal Treats are Limited edition fest..
Ex VAT: £7.06
Global Herbs Herbal Treats 3kg
With no added sugars, molasses, artificial flavours or colourants. A large bag of tasty herbal tr..
Ex VAT: £6.12
Horslyx Garlic Lick Refill 5 kg
Garlic Horslyx offers horse owners the unique opportunity to encourage natural, trickle feeding patt..
Ex VAT: £13.51
Horslyx Mobility Lick Refill 5 kg
Mobility Horslyx offers horse owners the unique opportunity to encourage natural, trickle feeding pa..
Ex VAT: £12.45
Horslyx Original Lick Refill 5kg
Original Horslyx was the debut Horslyx product back in 1997 offering horse owners the opportunity to..
Ex VAT: £10.38
Horslyx Respiratory Lick Refill 15 kg
Horslyx Respiratory Lick is formulated to help keep airways clear of mucus, which help the horse bre..
Ex VAT: £26.44
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