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Order online and collect your bedding and take advantage of our really competitive prices.

If you can’t pick up we can deliver, and the charges from our depot to your delivery address are listed below.

Please contact us if unsure of your distance from us or enter your delivery post code in the Shipping Quote box on the Check Out page

Click and collect (you pick up your own order from our yard = £0
Delivery up to 5 miles = £1
Delivery from 5 to 10 miles = £5
Delivery from 10 to 20 miles = £10
Delivery from 20 to 30 miles = £20
Delivery from over 30 miles from £37.38 per pallet
(All delivery charges are plus VAT)

Within a 30 miles radius our own transport team will personally deliver and unload your order to your preferred storage area on your yard.

Over 30 miles away we use an approved courier  to deliver your order and some large pallet orders may require you to have a forklift to unload. However all small pallets will be unloaded by the delivery driver, using hand portable pallet forks, and put to one side for you.


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Blue Frog Large Flake Shavings (£7.62 per bale if you order 30 bales or more)
Blue Frog is heat sterilised, totally dust free, virgin wood shavings. Using only pine from sustaina..
Ex VAT: £6.60
Comfybed Plus Shavings (£5.99 per bale if you buy a pallet of 48)
Comfybed Plus - Premium Woodchip & Premium Woodshavings blended bale With the high cost of th..
Ex VAT: £5.40
Equestrian Shavings (£6.00 per bale if you order 48 bales)
DISCOUNTED Pallet of 48 (£6.00 per bale) Equestrian Shavings - High quality shavi..
Ex VAT: £6.00
Greenwood Kiln Dried Sawdust (£4.25 per bale if you order 48 bales)
Baled kiln dried sawdust bedding.  ..
Ex VAT: £3.60
Handy Bed (£7.20 per bale if you order 24 bales or more)
Handy Bed    Handy bed is a premium quality chopped and de dusted rape straw  ..
Ex VAT: £6.25
MEGASpread Shavings (£9.10 per bale if you order 24 bales)
MEGASpreadTM Woodshavings is a new and exciting addition to the Metsä Wood equine bed..
Ex VAT: £7.68
Megazorb 85L Northern crop dryers
Highly absorbent, dust extracted horse bedding manufactured from virgin wood pulp. ..
Ex VAT: £7.50
Snowflake Premium Equine Wood Pellets 30L Bags (£6.40 per bag If you order 50)
Snowflake Premium equine wood pellets are made from UK sourced 100% virgin softwood. The w..
Ex VAT: £5.52
Snowflake Premium Highly Absorbent Sawdust 20kg (£5.22 per bale if you order 32 bales)
Snowfake Premium highly absorbent sawdust is a popular alternative to traditional wood shavings..
Ex VAT: £4.63
Snowflake Softchip 20kg (£5.50 per bale if you order 32 Bales)
Snowfake Softchip is a popular alternative to traditional wood shavings. Manufactured from premium s..
Ex VAT: £4.74
Snowflake Softchip Plus (£6.48 a bale if you order 32 bales)
Snowfake Softchip Plus combines the best of Supreme and the best of Softchip. Manufactured from 50% ..
Ex VAT: £5.50
Snowflake Standard Shavings 20kg (£6.75 per bale if you order 36 bales, £6.60 per bale for 48)
Standard only by name, Snowflake Standard bales are made from premium mixed virgin wood shaving..
Ex VAT: £6.06
Snowflake Supreme Shavings 20kg (£7.20 per bale if you order 36 Bales, £7.00 per bale for 48)
Supreme bales are made entirely from kiln dried softwood timber, this guarantees a naturally warm, s..
Ex VAT: £6.36
Stable Choice Shavings (£8.89 per bale if you order 24 bales)
Stable Choice Shavings Large bale of premium quality, kiln dried, white soft wood shavings, scree..
Ex VAT: £7.43
Stable mats 18mm rubber
These rubber mats provide a great, strong rubber matting that is suitable for any number..
Ex VAT: £29.38
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