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Dengie Alfa-A Lite 20 kg
ALFA-A LITE contains pure alfalfa with a light molasses coating and is ideal for horses and ponies i..
Ex Tax: £14.96
Dengie Alfa-A Molasses Free 20kg
Dengie Alfa-A Molasses Free is a pure alfalfa fibre feed that is great for fuelling work..
Ex Tax: £15.68
Dengie Alfa-A Oil 20 kg
ALFA-A OIL is the conditioning fibre feed for horses and ponies. The addition of rape seed oil makes..
Ex Tax: £16.98
Dengie Alfa-A Original 20 kg
ALFA-A ORIGINAL is made from pure alfalfa which has been chopped and dried at a very high temperatur..
Ex Tax: £14.93
Dengie Alfa-Beet (Unmolassed) 20 kg
Dengie Alfa-Beet (Unmolassed) is a low sugar conditioning feed that is unmolassed and so is easily d..
Ex Tax: £13.57
Dengie Alfalfa Pellets 20kg
Made from 100% alfalfa which is cut at its most nutritious stage of growth and high temperature drie..
Ex Tax: £11.98
Dengie Cool Condition & Shine 20kg
Dengie Cool, Condition and Shine. A tasty fusion of soft and pelleted fibres - straw, grass chop, al..
Ex Tax: £14.73
Dengie Everyday Molassed Chaff 12.5kg
Dengie Everyday Molassed Chaff is a high quality, dust extracted, soft straw feed with a molasses co..
Ex Tax: £5.88
Dengie Grass Pellets 20kg
Key Features High in easy to chew fibre and highly digestible so sympathetic to the digestive ..
Ex Tax: £9.87
Dengie Healthy Hooves 20kg
Dengie Healthy Hooves is the nutritionally complete, low calorie fibre feed for horses and ponies pr..
Ex Tax: £14.27
Dengie Healthy Hooves Molasses Free 20KG
The only molasses free, nutritionally complete, low calorie fibre feed with added Biotin and B vi..
Ex Tax: £14.27
Dengie Healthy Tummy 15 kg
Dengie Healthy Tummy is a complete horse feed.   Key Benefits of Healthy Tummy Prov..
Ex Tax: £12.75
Dengie Hi-Fi Good Do-er 20kg
Hi-Fi GOOD DO-ER is the complete maintenance feed for horses and ponies prone to weight gain. P..
Ex Tax: £13.36
Dengie Hi-Fi Lite 20 kg
Hi-Fi LITE is ideal as the sole bucket feed for horses and ponies that are overweight and prone to l..
Ex Tax: £13.57
Dengie Hi-Fi Molasses Free 20 kg
Hi-Fi Molasses Free is suitable for horses and ponies at rest or in light work and horses and ponies..
Ex Tax: £15.04
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