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Baileys No. 14 Lo-Cal Balancer 20 kg
Baileys No. 14 Lo-Cal Balancer is a nutrient dense pellet containing all a horse or pony needs for h..
Ex Tax: £27.85
Battles Veterinary Gamgee 46 cm (18inch) x 500gm
E An invaluable general dressing, also an efficient protection and s..
Ex Tax: £8.90
Fancy Feeds Chick Crumb 20 kg
Fancy Feeds Chick Crumb is a complete feed suitable for all types of poultry chick, ducklings & ..
Ex Tax: £14.44
Global Herbs Immuplus 1 kg
Global Herbs Immuplus is a mixture of herbs to help your horse’s immune system work effectivel..
Ex Tax: £26.35
Keratex Hoof Hardener 250 ml
Keratex Hoof Hardener strengthens weak, worn and cracked hooves by improving the molecular structure..
Ex Tax: £21.84
NAF Respirator 5 Star 1 kg
Provides valuable nutritional support to the respiratory mucosal immune system and the delicate capi..
Ex Tax: £36.66
Premier Equine Buster Titan 200 (no neck cover)
A 200g medium weight turnout rug, ideal for protection from the weather in cold winter months. &n..
Ex Tax: £101.40
Spillers Conditioning Fibre 20 kg
Spillers Conditioning Fibre contains a special blend of natural fibres to help keep your horse or po..
Ex Tax: £14.40
Spillers HDF Power Mix 20 kg
Spillers HDF Power Mix is suitable for horses in hard work. Power Mix contains high digestible fibre..
Ex Tax: £13.68
Thunderbrook Base Mix 15kg
A concentrated balanced base feed. Ideal for all horses of all disciplines. Contains the essential a..
Ex Tax: £38.34
Thunderbrook Equestrian Liver & Kidney Mix 1kg
Thunderbrook Equestrian Liver & Kidney Mix is a useful blend of herbs, fruits and botanicals to ..
Ex Tax: £37.04
Thunderbrook Organic Oat bran 12.5kg
SPECIAL ORDER: Allow 5 -10 working days Our certified Organic Oat Bran is human food grade, and f..
Ex Tax: £29.90
Miscellaneous ..
Ex Tax: £20.10
Ex Tax: £20.00
3 Arm Rug Rack
The ultimate rug rack with three swivelling arms mounted on two wall brackets. It has been designed ..
Ex Tax: £49.99
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