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Box Rest Pack
Pack contains - Allen & Page Quiet Mix Just Fi-block Meadowblend 4 Pack Barrier Lavende..
Ex Tax: £87.69
Horsebox Self Drive Hire
How To Hire a Horsebox Step 1: Check Availability via our enquiry form or call 07544 080048 or 07..
Ex Tax: £48.00
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Hydrophane Cribox Tub 450g
Hydrophane Cribox Tub is the trusted way for deterring horses from crib-biting and gnawing wooden ra..
Ex Tax: £10.83
Hydrophane Liquid Cribox Spray 250ml
Hydrophane Liquid Cribox Spray is a clear, colourless liquid for application to wooden doors, rugs, ..
Ex Tax: £7.77
Lincoln Tack Tray
Quality 12" x 15" polypropylene carrying container with three compartments. ..
Ex Tax: £2.38
Protack grooming box small
Polypropylene horse grooming box with moveable shelf. Height x 19.5cm, depth x 21.5cm and width x 39..
Ex Tax: £8.76
Rowen Barbary Forage 'N' Fibre 20 kg
Rowen Barbary Forage 'N' Fibre is ideal for good doers, laminitics and those on box rest. It..
Ex Tax: £14.60
Royal Canin Boxer 12kg
Royal Canin Boxer 26 ensures the maintenance of muscle mass and helps maintain healthy joints thanks..
Ex Tax: £57.86
Royal Canin Boxer Puppy 3kg
Royal Canin Boxer Junior, Specifically Developed For Boxer Dogs, For Boxer Puppies up to 15 Months, ..
Ex Tax: £18.36
Saracen Recoup 11 20 kg
Saracen Recoup 11 is suitable for convalescence and light exercise - for horses on box-rest, or in l..
Ex Tax: £16.96
Saracen Shape-Up Balancer 20 kg
Saracen Shape-Up is suitable for any horse or pony that requires a low calorie complete feed, horses..
Ex Tax: £21.16
Shires Deluxe Grooming Box
These large, sturdy tack boxes help keep you organised and tidy in the yard. The internal s..
Ex Tax: £26.40
Shires Two Tone Tack Box
Robust tack box with inner tray and lid compartments for storing smaller items. Two catches..
Ex Tax: £19.20
Whimzees Variety Box Medium x 28
Whimzees dental treats are made from all natural ingredients. This means they don't contain any ..
Ex Tax: £12.37
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